Trade Shows Event Signage

Signage coordinates your events. It helps your attendees find the sessions they want to attend, makes sure that they are in the correct places at the correct time and advertises your sponsors. Good signage makes your event run more smoothly and makes your attendees happier. It even lets you run your events with fewer staff on hand to answer questions. We produce signage that gets the job done as well as backdrop for press conferences and photo opportunities.

Stage Backdrops

  • Model #: DSSB0099
Be sure to keep your organization and event name front and center with speaker backdrops. We print these on a fire safety rated fabric and hem four sides. We can add a variety of ways to hang these on the stage behind your speakers. These backdrops add to the professionalism of your event. It keeps you in the picture in press conferences, publicity photos or just reduces any visual clutter behind your speakers. We can create in any size necessary and print them in photo like full color.
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