Real Estate

The market is slow and flooded with homes for sale. Potential customers are more value conscience than ever. How can you get them to look at your listings and show them the value that is there? Did you know that most customers make their purchase decision while touring a home? We said this on our opening page but it bears repeating. Help your customers make the decisions that benefit you both. Using in-home graphics is the most cost effective form of advertising because once in the home, customers are a captive target for informing and strengthening your message. You can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time! It doesnít get better than that.

The Point of Sale Store can provide every graphic need to increase your Real Estate Sales. From exterior signage to in-home easel graphics to custom post card mailings, we have the products to make them want to purchase what you want them to purchase. Use any surface to market the home. Donít just think windows or doors- think floor, ceiling, walls, and more. Our products can cause drivers to stop, move from their car into the home and locate your products once inside. Use them to reinforce your print or media ads. In todayís world of tight margins, make sure that you get the best ROI.