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Perhaps the most used area for signage, the front windows and doors are the first things that your customers see as they approach. Turn that view into an attractive and appealing look with a variety of products aimed at drawing the customer inside and steering them to the right selections. Window and door products are colorful, can be designed to last as long as you need, are easy to install and inexpensive. You can change the graphics as often as your promotions change or use semi-permanent materials to create a long term graphic image. Some sizes for production are limited by the availability of appropriate materials.

Low Tack Decals

  • Model #: WDLT0099
These are exactly as they are named. Low tack decals are attached by a very low grade adhesive. They can be printed one or two sided. These are designed to be used on non-porous surfaces such as glass, but also work well on painted surfaces. They can be printed on clear or white materials. They are easy to install and are repositionable. The low tack adhesive leaves no residue when removed. Clings can also be die cut into shapes that enhance your message. Consider adding an instruction sheet for installation and a disposable squeegee to make on-site installation easier and avoid air bubbles that can occur during installation. Installation may be affected by dirty windows.
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