Quick Service Restaurants Floor Graphics

Often called the fifth wall, floor graphics are becoming more popular all the time. They catch customers eyes because of their unusual positioning and they usually arenít competing for attention with many other graphics. We produce floor graphics for use on hard surface floors, on carpet as well as for use outdoors on concrete. We also print on carpet. All of our floor graphics include a UL approved non-slip lamination to prevent accidents. While these are easy to install and easy to remove, they wonít come up while being cleaned using standard floor care procedures. Some sizes for production are limited by the availability of appropriate materials.

Exterior Floor Graphics

  • Model #: FGCO0099
The ability to place your floor graphic project outdoors gives you a whole new world in which to promote your product or event. Use on sidewalks, steps, pillars and embankments. This is an exciting way to get people to notice you without the background clutter of competing promotions. The graphics stay down until you are ready for them to be removed and then they remove cleanly without residue. These are non-slip and can be die cut into shapes to enhance your message. Consider adding an instruction sheet to make on-site installation easier.
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